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    Garbage, Recyclable, or Hazardous Material: Know What To Do With Your Waste

    Dealing with waste used to be as simple as tossing unwanted items in a bin. It was easy, but that doesn’t mean it was safe or responsible—especially when it came to hazardous material. Thanks to new technology and a better understanding of the environment and its influences, we now have the capability to dispose of...
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    Toxic Animal Waste Management in the Face of Extreme Weather

    Large concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and smaller livestock farms produce the food that fills our grocery stores and contributes to countless other industries. It’s an important part of the economy, but irresponsible and improper animal waste management is a growing problem. According to the US Department of Agriculture, farm animals...
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    What To Do When Exposed To Hazardous Material

    Being exposed to hazardous material can lead to a variety of both long- and short-term health issues. Cancer, burns, rashes, blindness, and other adverse health effects are all possible. The best way to avoid a dangerous situation is to be trained in proper handling procedures and safety measures. Everyone who comes in contact with chemicals,...