Hazardous Materials Management


Often business are faced with the burden of dealing with the disposal of hazardous materials and the management of such wastes on site. The mismanagement of hazardous materials can lead to tremendous liabilities for business as well as fines and other potential problems even to the extent of being shut down.

Hayward Environmental Consulting assists businesses with:


  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Construction of hazardous waste storage areas that meet regulatory requirements.
  • Labeling and storage of hazardous materials on site.
  • Management of accumulation cycles including 90/180 day cycles to insure business comply with hazardous waste generation requirements.
  • Identification of wastes as well as profiling of wastes to disposal facilities.
  • Insure Haz-Mat contractors are utilizing approved, permitted facilities.
  • Audit disposal facilities to protect business cradle to grave liabilities.
  • Insure manifests are true and correct.
  • Insure manifests are properly mailed and filed, as well as data is compiled for any reports requested at any time by management or regulatory agencies.
  • Insure facilities have current and required permits according to State and Federal law.
  • Insure Haz-Mat contractor are being fair and ethical in their rates charged to business.
  • Provide total hazardous materials management for business.
Hazardous Materials Management by Heyward Environmental Consulting

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