Case Study: Removing Unlabeled Chemical Waste

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Hayward Environmental Consulting is a BBB accredited business specializing in industrial, environmental, and hazardous material management. These services include the safe handling and disposal of potentially dangerous, harmful, and sensitive substances. We also offer businesses state-certified training for materials management and safety. Located in Rancho Cucamonga, HEC offers these professional and reliable services to all of California.

With state-certified technicians and an ingrained knowledge of responsible and ethical clean up and disposal methods, HEC serves both large- and small-scale clients. We provide peace of mind when it comes to transportation and disposal of hazardous materials as well as hazardous waste cleanup, recycling, and hazmat training.

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Client & Scope

About Our Client

HEC was recently contacted by a multimillion-dollar construction company located in Huntington Beach, CA. With 40 years in the business, this company is contracted for large projects throughout California. They focus on commercial construction and have put their mark on several notable buildings in the Orange County area.

Unlike other construction companies that use external contractors for different project phases, our client manages each aspect of the construction process with their in-house teams. This allows them to maintain full control of each project and work seamlessly to turn barren ground into towering office buildings, modern medical facilities, and trendy downtown restaurants.

With a team of over 30 employees, a few of their core values include communication and efficiency. They promise their clients a smooth, worry-free experience from the moment the contract is signed until the ribbon is cut and the new building is open. It’s one of the reasons why they remain a leader in their industry.

When possible, this client prefers to keep all projects in house. But every now and then, they encounter situations that they don’t have the experience, training, or personnel to handle on their own. When this happens, they look for outside help that aligns with their company’s core values. The success of their business and their reputation depends on choosing outside contractors that will keep communication open, adhere to strict safety and legal protocols, and above all, get the job done right.

Unlabeled Chemical Waste

The Problem and Scope

As a respected builder in the Orange County area, our client was contracted to do what they do best—construct a new commercial building. The plans were made, and the first step in the process was demolishing a few previously existing structures where they were meant to build. The buildings that needed to come down were part of a former electroplating facility.

Electroplating is a process that coats an object with a thin layer of metal. The metal is dissolved in a chemical solution, and an electric current is used to form a thin, coherent plate. Electroplating has several industrial applications and is used to improve the appearance, durability, and thickness of an object. While it’s a common practice, the process involves chemicals and materials that can be extremely dangerous. Some of those materials include cyanide, sulphate, acids, and alkaline solutions.

When our client was preparing to demolish the old electroplating facility on their jobsite, they did a routine inspection of the buildings. During that inspection, they found a significant amount of lab chemicals. Most of the bulk chemicals were not labeled, and our client had no way of determining what they were, what risks they posed, and if they could be moved safely. The unidentified chemicals threatened to derail their project. They needed to have the chemicals properly identified, removed, and disposed of before they could move forward with construction.

Our Solution

Faced with a potential delay and safety concerns, our client chose to follow safety protocol and contact HEC for hazardous waste identification and removal. During the initial phone call, this client expressed urgency in getting the job done as to not delay their large project. To meet those needs, we immediately scheduled our experienced team to visit the job site for an initial assessment. After inspecting the site and the unlabeled chemical waste, we provided a turnkey quote that same day.

Upon acceptance of the quote, the first step in clearing our client for demolition was identifying the chemicals. Our trained technicians photographed the area and made a detailed profile of each chemical item. We have years of experience in hazardous waste identification and follow strict protocol. Every chemical must be properly identified and labeled before removal.

At the job site, we were able to identify the bulk chemicals using a series of carefully monitored tests. The waste was classified as a mix of both hazardous and nonhazardous materials. After confirming our findings, we applied labels to each container in accordance to EPA guidelines and profiled each item to prevent further confusion or mistakes. The materials were then lab packed according to their characteristics and prepared for transport.

From there, it was necessary to prepare the paperwork needed to legally transport the waste away from the demolition site and to a licensed and appropriate disposal facility. HEC arranged a timely pick-up and safely removed the waste from the site. We successfully disposed of both the hazardous and non-hazardous materials to allow our client to move forward with a safe demolition.

The Outcome and Conclusion

The Outcome

With the unlabeled chemical waste properly identified, classified, secured, and disposed of, our client was free to continue with demolition. Finding the chemicals had been a setback, but they were able to absorb the time lost to continue construction with minimal setbacks.

HEC communicated with the client through every step, and that connection assured smooth problem solving for every party involved. Our client continued with their contracted work in a safe environment. They completed demolition with no issues and went on to construct another beautiful addition to the Orange County community.

The Conclusion

No matter the project, there will always be unexpected hurdles. When it’s a matter of safety, cutting corners is not an option. HEC knows businesses—both large and small—depend on them to work quickly and safely. Even a short delay could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a failed project could ruin a long-standing reputation. Our team at HEC is dedicated to keeping our clients on track and in good standing. We value consistency, safety, and communication.

There are several types of hazardous waste, and unfortunately, they’re not all easily identified. But when safety is at risk, precaution and protocol must take over. HEC gets the work done, and we do it in a way that protects clients and their reputations. Our services include all aspects of hazardous waste identification, transportation, and disposal. Contact us when you need efficient service you can rely on.