Case Study: Treating Sensitive Substances

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Hayward Environmental Consulting is a BBB accredited business specializing in industrial, environmental, and hazardous material management. These services include the safe handling and disposal of potentially dangerous, harmful, and sensitive substances. We also offer businesses state-certified training for materials management and safety. Located in Rancho Cucamonga, HEC offers these professional and reliable services to all of California.

With state-certified technicians and an ingrained knowledge of responsible and ethical clean up and disposal methods, HEC serves both large- and small-scale clients. We provide peace of mind when it comes to transportation and disposal of hazardous materials as well as hazardous waste cleanup, recycling, and hazmat training.

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“When you need quality industrial, environmental or hazardous material services, HEC offers exceptional service and comprehensive solutions.You will not find a better environmental or industrial services company to handle your projects more responsibly, reliably or cost effectively than HEC.”

Client & Scope

About Our Client

HEC recently worked with a full-service car wash and detailing center located in Huntington Park, CA. With multiple service stalls and a long list of available automobile maintenance packages, this company offers customers fast and efficient assistance. They specialize in detailing, tire cleaning, automobile waxing, interior shampoo, and polishing services.

This business’s ability to serve customers depends on maintaining a professional and well-maintained environment. They regularly use materials including soaps, wax, and engine cleaner while also collecting dirt and debris. Part of their business model includes presenting a clean and organized environment for both their employees and customers. It’s something they take seriously, and they often require a fast turnaround for cleanup and disposal services.

The Problem and Scope

On August 12, 2019, HEC received a call from the client requesting waste removal service. We were informed that the carwash had collected a large quantity of mud and needed it to be removed from the property by the next day. There were 100 pounds of mud stored in two 55-gallon drums. The drums were taking up space on the property and presented a liability for the carwash.

The business’s priority was disposing the material in a responsible, environmentallyfriendly, and efficient manner. It was imperative that the drums be removed from the premises by the following day as to not interfere with the business’s operation or profit margins. HEC had not worked with this client before, but the business’s manager heard about our services and reputation via local word of mouth. They contacted us knowing we have a history of providing quality service in their local community.

Our Solution

With only one day to remove the drums and dispose of them properly, we immediately turned to our daily route schedule. To best serve our clients, we typically require at least one week notice to add a stop to our routes. This time frame ensures a smooth schedule and timely pickup for every business along the route. In this case, however, our client needed us to accommodate their needs within 24 hours. Without hesitation, we adjusted our route schedule to assist this client. Our pickup and disposal crew makes approximately five stops along every route. In order to accommodate this last-minute request, our logistics team analyzed the preset schedule to fit this new stop into the route. The carwash was located 56 miles away from our location, but thanks to our fleet of vehicles and team of skilled technicians, we had the capacity to make the schedule changes without disrupting service to other clients.

We arrived the next day on time to dispose of the drums. The material was inspected by our trained technicians and confirmed to be non-hazardous. We followed proper protocol for non-hazardous waste removal and loaded the large drums into our disposal vehicle. Our team then transported the mud according to Department of Transportation requirements to a cost-effective and permitted disposal facility in Parker South, Arizona. Finally, we quickly prepared all paperwork necessary for both local and state regulatory requirements and presented the client with a categorized bill.




Successful Removal

The Outcome and Conclusion

The Outcome

There was one day between the time HEC received the call from this client and when the pickup occurred. Both drums of mud were safely removed from the property without incident or delay, and the client was able to continue business as usual with no setbacks from the unwanted waste.

We received full payment within 48 hours of the client’s initial call, and the carwash continued operation knowing their waste had been properly disposed of.

The Conclusion

No matter the situation, we at HEC always strive to provide fast and efficient service. We start working toward a solution the moment a client contacts us. Whether they need emergency service or are interested in regular waste removal, our clients rely on our ability to be flexible and to work according to their needs. We’re a California Certified Small Business supporting other small businesses through honest and reliable waste management services.